Introducing a Menu That’s Designed for Delivery

Our project began with a simple idea: delicious, restaurant-quality food should be highly deliverable. It should stay crunchy in all the right places, but tender in others. Buns should be fluffy; salad greens, crisp.

Now, after thousands of hours of research and recipe development, we’re proud to introduce a menu that is crafted specifically for delivery. It features a rotating selection of dishes, like Seared Salmon with Piquillo Gremolata and Roasted Mushroom with Kale Polenta, that are prepared to order by our chefs and delivered to your door within 30 minutes.

The result is a delivery experience that’s so civilized you may want to put a napkin in your lap (but we won’t tell you how to live).

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Get to Know Our Chefs


Favorite thing to get from delivery?

I like pho. Beef tendon. Lots of fresh herbs. Lots of noodles.

Biggest pet peeve?

When the vegetables are overcooked.


Favorite thing to get from delivery?

Thai or Chinese… it comes in a very viscous sauce that is piping hot.

Biggest pet peeve?

Cold food is really frustrating.

- Gabriel DILONE


Favorite thing to get from delivery?

Uncle Boon’s Sister: Thai basil stir fry, topped with an egg. It’s spicy, it comes really hot, and it’s saucy.

Biggest pet peeve?

Paying too much for something that wasn't very good.


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Get on the List

We’re currently rolling out a beta release of Room Service in downtown NYC. Sign up to learn if you’re in our launch zone and get on the waitlist to try Room Service from Dig Inn.

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Dig Inn serves thoughtful, nourishing food that’s sourced directly from farmers and prepared from scratch daily by chefs. We believe that the simple act of enjoying a meal can be a powerful step towards building a better food system.

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